The Early Church

The New Testament has been read and interpreted by some of the most brilliant men in history. It has been studied to determine the exact meaning of tiny verses. Passages have been compared and weighed against each other. The doctrines of different denominations have been hammered out by comparing the writings of Paul with he writings of Peter and John. Make no mistake this was brilliant work and it continues today.

But there is one huge weakness in this approach to the New Testament. It treats the the first century of the Christian story as a theological debate. the story of the early church is almost completely ignored. Paul wrote Galatians for a reason. Thessalonians came out of problems in a church. The Corinthians received letters to deal with a crisis. The New Testament contains great truths but it also tells a story.

I believe that story matters. I believe that every believer should know the story of the New Testament. Some of the more complex doctrines of the church need a very high intellect to understand. The story of our first brothers and sisters in Christ can be known by everyone. It is an amazing story and it has been shamefully neglected. This page is for those who want to know the story.


JERUSALEM: The three messages below are the story of the story of the church in Jerusalem given at a conference in 2011.

The Jerusalem Story – Part I

The Jerusalem Story – Part II

The Jerusalem Story – Part III


ANTIOCH: The two messages below are the story of the first Gentile church.

The Antioch Story – Part I

The Antioch Story – Part II