The House of God – The Life of Abraham II

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When God first called Abraham his name was not Abraham. It was Abram. Abram’s wife was Sarai not Sarah.

The couple followed God for many years before the Lord added the H. When God changed Abram’s name the earth and the heavens shook. Something had happened that had not occurred since the very beginning.

The H was not just a letter. The H is a part of the Hebrew name of God. When God added a letter of his own he joined God and man together. For the first time there was a hint of the mystery that would be revealed in Christ, God in man the hope of the ages.

Abram was a man who followed God. Sarai was a woman who followed God. Abraham and Sarah were part of the Lord’s family. They were his and he was theirs. The Lord gave his own name to his people. Abram was a friend of God but Abraham was part of the Lord’s tribe, his own people.

God had walked beside Adam but his relationship with Abraham would be closer than that. In Abraham the Lord announced his intention. I will have my own family, my own people. The life of God will be given to fallen men and women. History would never be the same again but few in heaven or on earth recognised the significance of what had just happened. Eden was a place where heaven and earth met but Abraham was the promise of a man where heaven and earth met.

But he was only the promise. God still dwelt in the heavenlies. Man still dwelt on earth. God had a friend and a place to visit but there was no home for him on earth, not yet.

Abraham continued to wander. He had no permanent home of his own and lived as a visitor in the lands of other men. Mostly he found a welcome. To be a friend of God is no great challenge to the world. It does not overturn the kingdoms of men. It does not transform the systems of this world. Until the Lord had a people opposition to his work was very limited. Even the fallen angels saw little need to worry. So God had a few friends and servants. the fallen earth was still their realm. God might be the Lord of heaven but they still saw themselves as Lords of the earth.

And they were all deceived. God was on the move. He had a man and a woman to call his own. They were his family and he would increase his family with Isaac, the son of promise.

I said that God was choosy. Abraham and Sarah would have just one son and everything depended on that boy. God’s entire work on the earth rested on the life of one fragile human being,

Who had not even been conceived.

And whose mother was barren.

The house of God is not built by men or by earthly means.

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