The Believer’s Highest Call

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He called us by glory and virtue (II Peter)

We were called and made holy by the father and preserved in Jesus Christ (Jude)

He has called us to his own wedding feast, part of the bride who has made herself ready (Revelation).


We are the people of God. We are his family. We are his house, a building of living stones. And he has given us riches beyond the wildest dreams of men. No treasure hunter has ever imagined the wealth of the house of god. No greedy banker ever speculated for wealth that can be mentioned in the same breath as the wealth that the lord placed in us. All the riches of the earth are dust compared to the life of the Lord inside his people.

And all of this comes simply because God called us. It is not a reward for effort. It has nothing to do with our service, our commitment, how many people we have evangelised, how much we give, whether or not we are in full time Christian ministry. We have been made holy by the father himself. And we are kept holy by Jesus Christ. Nothing we can do can raise us to a higher status with God than the status he gave us on the day we were saved.

The apostle Peter led the church for many years. He brought thousands to Christ. He healed the sick, raised the dead and preached the gospel. He faced death many times and was eventually killed for his faith in Christ. Despite all his efforts God never loved Peter more than on the day Jesus first said ‘follow me.’

The apostle Paul took the gospel across Asia Minor and Europe. He risked his life time and again to spread the gospel and establish the church. Yet his status with God was never higher than on the day he met Christ on the Damascus road.

The apostle Thomas took the gospel across an ocean to India. He established churches at the far end of the known world. He also gave his life for the Lord. Yet the Lord loved Thomas no more after all that effort than on the day when Jesus showed Thomas the scars on his hands and side.

We have a high calling and our status with God has nothing to do with our own effort or achievement. It has nothing to do with our earthly rank or position. Whether we are a success or a failure in our Christian life will not change the status that God gave us on the moment of our salvation. From that second we have a place in him, a title and a function. We are the holy nation of God and his royal priesthood.


Every believer is called a king. Christ has made us part of his eternal royal family. We are crowned with righteousness, glory and the life that God has given us. This is not a new idea. When God first created man he gave man the earth to rule. Adam was the first earthly king. When Adam fell he lost his kingship. To rule, Adam would now have to struggle.

The wreckage of the fall was restored by Jesus Christ and the kingship of earth was taken back by Jesus, the son of man. Satan always recognised the power and authority of God but now he has to bow before Jesus the man. And the authority of the man Christ Jesus has been shared with the Lord’s people. This is why principalities and powers are under our feet. There is authority in the Lord’s people and the New Testament makes no mention of this being limited to a select few chosen ones. It is the birthright of all believers. The church is the royal family of God.

As far as apostles, pastors, teachers, evangelists and the rest have a role they are the household servants. They are the butlers, the valets, the footmen, the cooks and the housemaids of the Lord’s palace – the church. Any earthly calling is to serve the church, to serve the Lord’s people. The call of a believer, any believer is an eternal calling. There is no higher calling than the call to be a brother or sister in the house of God.

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  1. Ben says:

    Hi Matthew, you need to take off all the formatting symbols off this one! I have just read this in book form and I think it is excellently written: clear, incisive, unsensational, respectful, and scriptural. Good work! I want to see much more life and much more freedom with the believers I fellowship with, and what the brothers and sisters in Bournemouth are doing is helping that along tremendously. Be blessed in that place and come into even fuller beauty as His Bride!

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