This website exists to offer help and encouragement to Christians who want to rediscover the church of Jesus Christ. The early church was more than a building. It was more than a ministry. Those first believers knew how to live and meet as the body of Christ. They  were a kingdom of priests, a holy nation and they really knew their Lord.

A church which is simply a speaker and an audience can never truly experience the body of Christ no matter how gifted their speaker. Throughout history many churches and Christian groups have pursued Jesus Christ as a body of believers. The early charismatics tried it. The Brethren of the 19th century, the Methodists of the 18th century, the Congregationalists of the 17th century and the Anabaptists of the 16th century all lived as a people. In different ways they discovered Christ together.

It is time to try again. There are a few churches and individuals seeking Christ outside of a row of chairs and away from a weekly lecture. It is not easy. It takes sacrifice and it takes determination but it is the call of Jesus Christ. It is a call that has existed since the days when Paul wrote ‘Whenever you come together, each of you has a psalm, has a teaching, has a tongue, has a revelation, has an interpretation.’ It has existed since Peter told believers they were ’a royal priesthood, a holy nation.’

If you want more than to sit and listen, more than to stand at the front and preach then this site is for you. There is an alternative. Jesus Christ and his church are real and available.

I have spent my entire life in two churches where these truths were a reality. I write this website because that should be the experience of a lot more believers. If you want to be part of a church where Jesus Christ is the centre then this is more than a dream. It is a reality.